Learn Conversational Spanish the Right Way

The main part of language learning is learning to speak.Vowels in particular, if mispronounced are going to cause miscommunications. Language books won’t teach you how to communicate properly.Consider the vowel in the word ””pet.”” If someone substitutes a long ee sound for this vowel, the following sentences could be interpreted very differently: ””The den was messy and ugly”” would sound like, ””The dean was meesy and ugly.”” Although the context of a sentence may help the listener figure out what was said, doing this frequently is tiring. Often times, a non-native speaker will adopt the sounds of their own language to say the words. They are a great add-on and very helpful to understand various subjects e.Another problem is that many English words are not pronounced like they are spelled. g.This can create problems even for the native speaker learning to say an unfamiliar word. 2. , grammar, synonyms and cultural aspects.Inappropriate stress is placed on syllables in words. However books should not be used as your primary learning tool for learning any language.Again, a non-native speaker will use the structure of his/her native language and apply it to English. 2.Some languages don’t stress syllables like English. Learn with a pen pal.In order to stress a syllable, we lengthen the vowel sound of the stressed syllable and we increase our pitch and our loudness on this syllable. Some people who intend to learn conversational Spanish form sort of an alliance with a person who wants to learn English.Consider the following two words: thirty and thirteen. So the person who wants to learn Spanish only uses that to communicate with the person who wants to learn English and vice versa.The first syllable is stressed in the word ””thirty”” and the second syllable is stressed in ””thirteen.”” A non-native speaker whose native tongue gives equal length to all syllables is going to say these two words almost identically. Mostly people communicate by email.Word meaning is carried in these stressed syllables in American English. In this case the entire verbal communication is missing which doesn’t lead to speaking Spanish fluently.If this syllable is not stressed, there will most likely be an issue with understanding. 3. Please note that for someone who doesn’t speak your language nor knows any linguistics it is difficult to teach you properly.The rhythm and melody of speech (intonation) doesn’t match American English intonation patterns. mp3 players The other dangers are that there is no lesson plan or formal commitment.This issue is similar to the problem we just discussed. So learning goals are hard to achieve and progress is hard to measure.But it also has to do with stress of words in sentences. phones cell 3.In the English language, we emphasize certain words (nouns, verbs, and pronouns). Play Spanish language learning games.This gives the sentence more meaning. world of warcraft gold There are some interesting learning games on the market teaching vocabulary and basic grammar.Say the following sentence three times stressing a different word each time: I like pizza. You can understand how these sentences are different based on the context. Does Sara like pizza. Those games are fun and come handy as a training tool to repeat and exercise what you have already learned. No, I like pizza. wow As primary learning tool I would not suggest using them, as they do not provide real human interaction in Spanish and therefore do not help you to become fluent.Do you hate pizza. 4. No, I like pizza. wow gold Join an immersion program at a language school.Do you like chicken. There is a lot of discussion about whether immersion programs for adults work or not. No, I like pizza. Some languages speak with very little intonation and the sound is flat.

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